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How ITIL certification helps IT service professionals

A large number of large companies are using many IT services to streamline their operation and increase productivity. These services are usually provided by IT companies and it is necessary for the organization to ensure that these services are complying to the quality standards they require.

Hence these companies will hire employees with ITIL certification to ensure that the quality of the services is at the minimum desired level.

For those who would like to find out what is ITIL? what is ITIL certification?

what does ITIL stands for is the abbreviation for information technology infrastructure library, and it is the standard which defines the planning, selection, maintenance, and delivery of IT services for an organization.

ITIL certification levels

There are five different levels of ITIL certifications under ITIL v3 for a person depending on his proficiency level. The most basic level is the ITIL foundation level, which is followed by the intermediate and practitioner level. Those with more experience and expertise can consider taking the expert and master levels certifications.

ITIL certification path

At present, the ITIL v3 standard is in force. There are five different aspects of ITIL v3 which are concerned with service strategy, design, transition to the services, operation and service improvement. Under ITIL 4 there are a reduced number of levels, with only four levels instead of five earlier. These levels are managing professional, strategic leader, while the ITIL foundation certification and master level have been retained.

ITIL certification online

The ITIL certification transitioned from ITIL v3 to ITIL 4 on February 28, 2019. Many of those who are interested in getting the ITIL certification would like to find out the training procedure and other details like ITIL certification cost and exam.

There are a number of accredited training organizations (ATO) like Axelos which have experienced employees offer ITIL training. At the end of the training, the student can take the exam conducted by the ATO.

Alternately, the person can study the course privately using his own resources. After completing the studies, he can take the ITIL certification exam which is conducted by PeopleCert, the examination institute for ITIL.

ITIL certification will definitely boost the career prospects of a person who is involved in IT service management.

ITIL certification salary

Most organization will offer a higher salary if a person is having the ITIL certification since it proves that the person has the necessary knowledge and skills to ensure efficient delivery of IT services for the organization and more ITIL Jobs.

The professional who has the certification will also receive the latest updates on the best practices, templates which can be used for ensuring better delivery of IT services.

The ITIL PRACTITIONER focuses on nine different principles like focusing on value, design for better experience, start from where you are, observe directly, progress interactively, work in a holistic manner, collaboration, keep it simple, and be transparent.

To get this certification the applicant should have an ITIL v3 or itil4 foundation level certification. Typically classroom training provided by Axelos, for this certification will last for one and a half day, after which the ITIL exam is conducted.

Alternate a person can study privately and apply for the exam directly. This is an open book exam with multiple choice questions based on a particular scenario, which have to be answered.

ITIL Exam Cost?

The ITIL INTERMEDIATE certification is available for those who have completed the ITIL foundation course. It consists of modules which focus on the different aspects of It service management like service life cycle and service capability. A professional may choose one set of modules or may combine modules from each category to combine management skills with technical ability.

A person may get as many intermediate certifications as he wishes by completing the relevant modules. The person should have basic IT knowledge and it is recommended that he has at least two years of professional experience.

Proof that the person has completed the prerequisite is required before taking an exam. For getting certification, the person has to purchase my ITIL subscription which will cost 50 GBP but for latest price check the ITIL official site.

The axelos ITIL subscription will give access to the ITIL publications with the best practices, CPD tools for professional career management and ITIL related templates. The certification helps in getting the professional endorsement required, support which is easily accessible and practical help required for solving any IT services related problem.

Hence enrolling for the ITIL certification provided by reputed training institute like Axelos can boost the professional career to a great extent.

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